15th NTRCA Preliminary Passed Candidate Required Document 2019

Find out the preparation and posting of the following duties and necessary documents for the candidates who have passed the 15th Teacher Registration Examination Preliminary Examination. The results of the 15th Teacher Registration Exam Prelim.
Where 80 percent of 8 lakh 76 thousand 33 candidates were unsuccessful. Has passed only 1, 52 thousand examinees. The total pass rate is 20.55 percent. Those who are between 20.53% can think themselves Lucky. Because you have lost so many people, but you passed!

Candidates who have passed the 15th Teacher Registration Examination have to send necessary documents to prepare and send the required papers, on June 20 next year. In a word before 20-06-2019

Required documents

According to the instructions of NTRCA, those who passed the preliminary documents must send some documents. Let’s not know what they are –
1 Applicant’s Copy That means the form you first applied online
2. Certified photocopies of all educational qualification certificates
3. Attested Photocopy of Graduate (Pass / Honor) Level Examination Paper (Mark Sheet / Tabulation Sheet)
4. Attested photocopies of citizen certificate (according to permanent address from union council / ward)
5. Photocopy of National ID card or Photocopy of birth registration; Any one will be present.
6. In the case of Assistant Teacher level, only the candidates will have to send the certificate (pass / honor) level of admission / letters of the optional subject of the optional subject mentioned in the online application form.
7. Applicants must send training certificates.
Note that all papers must be verified by the first class government gazetted officer.

Candidates passing the Preliminary Examination hard copy

Papers should be sent by post, hands will not be handed out. Send papers to envelope envelope. And on the envelope, you must write bigger ” 15th Teacher Registration Examination of 2013 “, hard copies of the documents mentioned in the DPR, along with NTRCA Chairman, “GP and Box No.-103, Dhaka-1000” will be sent to the address.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Application Letter
Notice of NTRCA Teacher Registration Application Letter

The letter can not be sent in any way, if sent, will not be accepted. If you send documents without any postage, you will not be accepted.

Send the letter addressed to the address:
Dhaka GPO Box No.-
1000 Dhaka-1000

B.D. These documents can not be submitted directly to the NTTRA office in any way. And in the case of school and college, documents will be sent separately.

When to send the letter?

The NTRCA authorities will tell you the date and time by sending SMS to your mobile. However, you will have to keep the papers ready by listing from now on. If you send a letter late due to a little healy, then all your soil will be made. So keep all the rackets in advance, Diet will send Dili only.

When will the written test?

The written test will be done in 8 divisional cities. School and School Stage-2 written examinations will be held from 9am to 12pm on Friday, July 26th. Later, on July 27, written examinations of college level will be held. This written examination will be held according to the syllabus of teacher registration . Written test time is from 9am to 12pm.

Teacher's registration is the date of the written exam
Teacher’s registration is the date of the written exam

Where to get the written test admission?

Answer: Priy and Ratan’s admits are the same. However, the vendor admit card will be different. Only those who will retain, they have to download the Viva card from NTRCA’s website.